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Stories Drive Interest

Let us tell the story of your home

  • At  yourhomestories.com  we are a service-oriented business designed to take busy real estate agents to the next level. 
  • Stay on the cutting edge and maximize the exposure of your listing with a customized website of each listing. 
  • Each website is as unique as each home, but easy to remember, the listing address is the domain name. 

What we do for your listings


  • We do the research on the home, the neighborhood and the area so we understand what makes every home special. 
  • Every home offers different elements that will attract buyers. 
  • At yourhomestories.com, we pinpoint the most attractive aspects of a home, adding descriptive elements to excite, inspire, and motivate potential buyers to get them in the door of your listing. 
  • We listen to agents and owners to learn as much as we can about the home. 
  • We count on the agent to provide professional photographs and videos for us to feature on the site

Then we get creative

  • With a combined 70 years of award-winning professional writing and producing experience, our team understands what it takes to make an impact. 
  • Our team takes the time to tell your home's story. 
  • We bring your home to life so others will appreciate what sets it apart from every other home on the market.  

Take a Closer Look



The website for this Washington Twp home went live on 5/21. Was promoted on extensively on social media,  owners accepted an offer by 9pm on 5/22. 

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www 3525blossomheath.com

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The Results Are Clear

In the first 11 days live the website for this home had 3000 hits


Host Platform

Using a dependable host platform

for our websites allows us to focus on creating a unique website for your home. 


This website received 2000 visitors during a weekend promotion.


Proven Analytics

We give agents needed information.

We can track the quantity of websites hits your home is receiving. The weekend promotion on Facebook lead to a successful Sunday Open House.

In the first 11 days that this home website was live it received 1713 hits


User-Friendly Sharing

Owners and agents share their listing with friends and  neighbors. 

In 48 hours 12,000 people visited the website for this home


Coordinate Marketing Efforts

We help you work with your broker. When we teamed up with the Coldwell Banker Heritage Social Media Coordinator and this site was promoted by two facebook sources it lead to 12,000 hits on this home's website in the first 48 hours of a social media compaign.

We Work for You

For the listing agent: 

  • Offering this kind of individual attention to a seller will set you apart.
  • yourhomestories.com  will  take your listing presentation to the next level.
  • When it comes to the MLS,  you can add your customized link in “agent remarks.”
  • yourhomestories.com is an experience that will drive traffic to your customized website, increasing the visibility of your listing
  • Agents are empowered by the reports of the quantity of website hits and their origin

For the buying agent: 

  • What better way to help your buyer understand why a home fits them and their family ?
  • You will be better able to guide and assist your clients as they invest in the next chapter of their lives.  
  • At  yourhomestories.com  we provide different information than the MLS, allowing the buyer to become more educated about the home and its unique attributes prior to showing.

For the home sellers:

  • Your customized website by   yourhomestories.com  will be as unique as your home. 
  • Buyers will see and appreciate why your home is worth the asking price.
  • We help buyers understand the nuances that set your home apart from others on the market.
  • We interview you personally to understand what makes your home unique.



Searching for Specifics


When buyers searching for specifics like this home close to a hospital, we optimize Google analytics with search engine optimization by adding specific information to your home's website.  Every home has a story. Let our real estate marketing set you apart!


Change of Seasons?

Who wants to see snow on the ground in July? If you have a great listing that takes a little more time to find the perfect buyer we update your home's website at no cost, just provide us with professional pictures or videos and we take care of the rest.


Generate Activity

In the first week www.4493lotz.com averaged 2 showings a day. It went under contract in 4 weeks and closed in under 8 weeks from listing date.


Busy Time of Year?

  • We understand some months are busier than others. 
  • As soon as you have a listing agreement we can begin preliminary work. 
  • As soon as we have access to professional photographs, we can begin to build your customized website by  yourhomestories.com 

Time Sensitive

  • We will give you a finished product within 5 days of the receipt of information and professional photographs. 

Pricing Available Upon Request

  • Learn more about our address specific websites, call, text or email. 
  • We are  here to help set your real estate marketing apart from the competition.

What's Included?


We provide agents with updates of the analytics of each home's website. This information is available to  yourhomestories.com  and we pass that information directly to the agent. This includes quantity of website hits. 

Let's take a closer look at that information.

Empowering the Agent with Information

We provide you with information you can use.


The website for 318 Glenridge was posted on our facebook account as "Coming Soon" on Sunday, April 14, 2018 at 8am. 

48 hours later this home had 932 hits. Tracking hits allows us to tell you when interest is spiking and when it's lagging. If hits slow down then maybe it's time for a new post and promotion on facebook and/or Instagram. Social Media is key.  

What's Our Story?


Jeanne Glennon and John LeComte met in Lancaster, Pa. in 1987, married in 89 and have 3 grown sons.    

Jeanne Glennon, a native of Dayton, Ohio, graduated from Villanova University in 1986 with a degree in Communications. After working as an Associate Producer for WCAU-TV in Philadelphia she took an on-air reporting position at WLYH-TV. In 1988 Jeanne joined WGAL-TV in Lancaster. While reporting at WGAL Jeanne received the “Pennsylvania Builders Association Award for Excellence in Reporting,” as well as the “Central Pennsylvania Women in Communication’s Award for Outstanding Series”   category. In 1991 Jeanne and John moved to Columbus, Ohio and in 1992 their oldest son was born. Jeanne retired from the news business but remained active in her writing career. Over the next 20 years , Jeanne wrote and produced marketing videos for a wide variety of non-profit agencies as well as served as marketing consultant for a medical software company. 

In 2017 Jeanne obtained her real estate license in both Ohio and Michigan. Jeanne earned the  Institute for Luxury Home Marketing certification in April 2018. 



John LeComte graduated from Ithaca College in 1986 with a degree in Journalism.After working as a sportscaster in Binghamton, NY John chose the management route , moved to WGAL-TV in Lancaster and began his career as an award-winning television news producer. In 1991 John moved to Columbus, Ohio and WBNS-TV where his work included three-hour live coverage that earned the station an Emmy for “Best Live Coverage” of a breaking news event. In 1997 John decided to make the move to academia and he has  been with the University of Dayton for 20 years. Most recently,  John was named  “Media Director for the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation.”

John has been editing Jeanne’s work since 1987. His accuracy and creativity rounds out every project Jeanne writes. Together they are a service-oriented team dedicated to helping people. 


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